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Adam Ward of Pullman, WA built a guitar for his Senior Project in the Summer and Fall of 2008.  Adam writes:


“The building class is a truly unique experience. Mike won't just teach you the basics of guitar making, he'll let you know the history behind each process, why you use certain tools, and what each part does for the guitar as a whole. Every step is a small project in itself that (as you'll learn) makes the guitar very personal and precisely crafted.


"The guitar me and Mike built is gorgeous. I'm glad I was able to use Koa wood, as I get compliments on how beautiful my guitar is all the time. I play it every night, and every song I play sounds crisp and bright. I really appreciate the time that Mike has given for me to be able to have such a quality guitar, and it is really a one of a kind instrument."



Eric Snider is a homeschooling, stay-at-home dad.  He built his first guitar with me in the Spring of 2009.  He resides in Flagstaff, 


“If you've been thinking about seeking instruction in lutherie,  I cannot recommend this tutorial enough.  One-on-one instruction like this is hard to come by.   Mike is a competent craftsman and was easy for me to get along with.   I had a great time working with Mike in his shop last spring, and  I genuinely looked forward to our sessions.  


When I show my guitar to other players,  they are astounded.  It is jaw droppingly beautiful.  people drool over the tone of this instrument.  Gorgeous koa sides and binding,  mahogany and ebony neck and fingerboard, and abalone inlay make it a stand out work of art.  I play my guitar every day and cannot convey the joy it brings me with words.”  



Norm Ruhoff is a grain trader who hails from Moscow, ID.  He built his dream Dreadnought out of East Indian Rosewood and Master Grade Sitka Spruce.


Norm had these kind words to say: “This course was the perfect opportunity for me to combine a lifelong passion for guitar playing and woodworking...yielding what is considered to be an heirloom instrument by my large family of musician friends. 


Mike's knowledge of the craft along with one-on-one, hands-on instruction made the process much more intuitive, and the "tips and tricks" he passed along were invaluable.


The sound and playability of my new guitar are simply incredible, and will serve as the benchmark for building guitars in my own shop for years to come.”

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