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In my 24-year trek into the world of custom lutherie, I have made many different styles of string instruments.  Most have followed in the tradition of the Orchestra Model (OM) and the 000 utilizing the X bracing structure developed and perfected by C.F. Martin.

That being said, I have also built "M" models, Dreadnaughts, both biscuit and spider resonators, 3/4 size "Terz" guitars, acoustic bass and solid body and semi hollow electrics.  If you are looking for a carved top, I am not your guy unless you are willing to experiment.  I can recommend a builder who excels in this area. 

Michael McCarten of Athol, MA.  He can build any type archtop with a degree of care and the catering to your exact needs that is hard to find for a reasonable price.  You can reach him at:

Otherwise, I am pretty comfortable with anything else.  Custom fretboard width or radius?  Smaller bodies for smaller people? Custom scales?  I can do it all.  Tell me about your dream!

Custom Instrument Construction by Commission



Guitar Repair & Modification

I offer common repair and modification services to guitars (acoustic and eletric) and most other non-orchestral stringed instruments.  

Things like string replacement, set-ups, dings & dents, neck resets, electronics installation/repair, "hot-rodding", broken necks, hardware upgrades, etc., etc.

I am not a classically trained repairman.  Building guitars for 25 years means I've made 25 years of mistakes!  I've done repairs as complex as replacing tops, backs, cracks, splits, loose bridges, holes and others.  

Except for the simplest jobs, (set-ups, etc.), each instrument in need must be evaluated by e on a case by case basis.  If I'm confident I can service your instrument, we're in business.  If not, I will do my best to direct you to someone who can competently do your repair.
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