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Here is a photo montage documenting the creation of a funky rosette.  Offset circles with handmade black/red/black purfling and Gaboon Ebony/Bloody Red Jasper stone inlay.  Lots of fine mitering. I expect some re-do's before I'm happy.

More to Come!

I wonder if this is a fad of sorts.  A beveled armrest is meant to eliminate the sharp 90 degree corner a player must rest their arm on in order to play.  

I think that classical, orchastral players who practice for 8 hours a day would much appreciate this feature.  
And, as a fairly regular practicer, I must admit that sometimes the angle can become a literal pain.  Think carpal tunnel syndrome.  It's a real hindrance for the virtuoso.  

Present company excluded.

Thus, the arm bevel was introduced. The credit to the pioneer seems in debate.  Grit Laskin, Linda Manzer and Bill Cumpiano all hold some of the credit for coming up with this ergonomic AND aesthetically pleasing addition. 

Here I am giving it a go.  I actually bought a several hour online lesson to learn how.  I couldn't get past 30 minutes and then I did what every red blooded American male does with more guts than brains:  I forged on on my own.  Like a blind hunter.  

(footnote from a semi-reliable source: I'm told that the blind are, indeed, permitted to hunt in Michigan.  And Texas.  Fun, yeah?)

Well, successful or not, here is a photo documentation of my feeble attempt to do it right.  Or nearly so....

In this business, fads come and go.  Sound ports, weird bracing patterns, fanned frets, double tops, carbon bodies....  The list goes on.

Not to say there aren't advantages to most of these innovations.  Some dreamt up by true geniuses.  

I appreciate all their efforts and contributions.  However, I feel pretty strongly that the old tried-and-true standard Martin conceived X brace pattern has produced accoustic guitars that, if old enough and in good enough shape sell for 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars.  

That's good enough for me.

But, that doesn't mean I don't like to monkey around with something different from time to time.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with this thing but It's kind of looking like it might work out.

As when my son the musician takes the stage to enthusiastic applause, he steps to the mic and says "We'll see".

Beveled Armrest

More to Come!

Funky Rosette

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