Michael Conklin has been a lifelong lover of music.  Having grown up on a farm, in a tiny Oregon town, he taught himself guitar and other instruments and read a LOT back in the days before self curated entertainment.

After obtaining a business degree from the University of Oregon, he entered into the world of commodity,grains, produce, futures and optios trading and thrived there for nearly three decades.

During his professional career, he developed a keen interest in the art of Lutherie.  He developed his craft over the next 20 years and has now entered the field full time.

He owes most of his knowledge to The-School-Of-Hard-Knocks and, more importantly, Master Guitar Builder William Cumpiano of Northampton, MA.  The master's writings and one-on-one guidance, nurtured what was once only a seed that into a blossoming  20-plus year endless pursuit of perfection. 

Retired from the commodity trade, he and his wife Marlee their two spoiled dogs and one smug cat are the proud parents of three grown young men who are each pursuing what they want to. Mike & Marlee and are enjoying a quiet life in the spectacular Pacific Northwest.  There is no better place to be.

Mike enjoys books, film, cooking, video games (allthought there is no time for THAT like there used to be) guitar building, guitar design, repair and  teaching others to build their dream. instrument.

Mike is an extrovert with people he knows and trusts and a bit more guarded with strangers. 

He dislike the self-important (hello Karen), guitar finishing, lima beans and cleaning up dog poop.