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Build a Guitar With Me!  I'll Show You How!

Marlee Guitars Before_edited.jpg

I offer an extremely popular one-on-one guitar-building tutorial.


My method is simple:  I build, you build.  

That's right!  Together, we will each build an acoustic steel string guitar.  From scratch (see above photo of "Your Future Guitar").  I will demonstrate construction methods on my guitar, and then you will duplicate with capable assistance from me!

I have had several students and they all give Marlee Guitars Building Tutorial top marks!  Read some of the testimonials below.

The guitar you build will be an "heirloom" quality instrument of the highest quality.  With proper care, you will be proud to pass this instrument down generations and all will know that "I built this". 


The tutorial cost is what you would expect to buy from a high-end, name-brand instrument (Martin, Taylor, Breedlove, Collings, etc.).  I will assist you in all decisions from tonewood selection to hardware, electronics, appointments, etc.

The tutorial is approximately 140 hours.  This is typically managed over a number of individual days (most students prefer weekend days) and the project can take as little as 3 weeks or several months, depending on your enthusiasm and schedule flexibility.  

As the testimonials affirm, this is an effective, holistic learning experience where we don't rely simply on jigs as some other teachers.  I will demonstrate or explain how this whole process can be done with only a few, simple hand tools.  I patterned this tutorial after one I took years ago from Master Builder William Cumpiano in Northampton, Massachusetts.  He, and I too, believe that there is a LOT of fairy dust out there with constantly revolving new innovations, theories, and techniques.  It can be VERY overwhelming for the first-time builder.

I believe this:  Guitars have been made for hundreds of years.  Most of that time, purely by hand.  With sound and proven construction techniques along with high-quality materials you can't help but produce a guitar that will delight your ears and be your dependable best friend for decades and decades.

For you out-of-town builders-in-training, we do offer a comfortable room with a handy bath right next door.  All of my students have become good friends of mine so you can choose to keep to yourself or join my wife and I for things like evening entertainment or perhaps, even an occasional outing to marvel at  the majesty of the Inland Pacific Northwest.  Your lodging includes a light breakfast (bagels cereal , fruit, yogurt, etc,) and a hearty dinner at the end of a long day.  My current rates are about half of the local chain motel here in town rents for AND they don't feed you OR amuse you with magnificent company like only my lovely parter of 40 years and myself can do.

Your Future Guitar!


Cheney, Washington, U.S.A


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