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"I was alive in the forest

I was cut by the cruel axe

In life, I was silent

In death, I sweetly sing" 

-Inscription on the face frets of an Elizabethan lute

Credit William Cumpiano, Northampton, MA

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That's right! I, a future Spielberg, no doubt, am planning a rambling, non-sequential, and likely non-sensical series of shop (and perhaps outside the shop) videos demonstrating and explaining everything from how to change your strings to how to inlay various materials into your existing instrument or project at hand to how wood choices affect the sound of your guitar to how to prevent burning the SHIT out of your hand while bending sides!  

Experience is unforgiving mistress.

I'm currently gathering equipment and knowledge and am very close to providing you with real value JUST BY VISITING THIS SITE!

Oooh!  The thrills, yeah?

Subscribe to this site and send in your questions, inquiries, smack-talk, adoring soliloquies and HELP-ME's and I'll put them in the que and do my best to accomodate you!

REGARDING BUILDING TUTORIAL:  As of 11/7/22, I still have a opening for a building tutorial.  Check out the "Build a Guitar with Mike" page for additional info.  And remember this "Christmas Time's a comin', Christmas times a comin'...

REGARDING THE WEBSITE:  Well, after teens of months, this site is pretty ok but there is (always) lots of work to do.  As for performance issues, if you notice any deficiencies (with either a computer or mobile device), please let me know, if you would be so kind!  

This site's traffic numbers are climbing admirably and I am so, so grateful to you lovers of guitars, music and nonsense. 

Thank you!

Please remember that I'm Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.  I do everything.  EVERYthing in my little business.  Inventory, taxes, interweb presence, floor sweeping and, on occasion, guitar building.  If I had three brains, ten arms and about a quart and a half more swagger, I'd be able to keep up.  

Alas, I'm only an old fat man with a headfull of usefuland useless knowledge.  My goal is to share it with you.  Please be kind and....


It only takes a click or two and I SWEAR I won't inundate your inbox with daily, weekly or even monthly drivel.  

Your interest helps me and my little sawdust making business survive.  I love that you love guitars and I pledge to be a responsible curator of information that will be of real interest to...who?  YOU!

Thanks a bunch!

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